Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilding

"Light weight, baby!"
- Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Colemen is besides his amazing physique, one of the elite bodybuilders with some humour. He likes to use some catchphrases like "Light weight, baby!" and "Yeah buddy!" and many of us seen the funny videos with Ronnie repeated these phrases over and over again.

Actually those catchphrases have almost become like a mantra in the fitness studios around the world. While many in this business get very serious about their career, their training and of course the contests, Ronnie seems to go all this with a smile on his face.

Bodybuilding training seems to always be enjoyable for him. He has inspired many bodybuilders with this attitude. He even said that he will compete for as long as God wants him to. It is easy to see that that man is nowhere close to his retirement and we can expect more great things to come from him.

His career was no always easy, but he is a simple man with strong convictions. He stayed on top of the game for a long time, spending most of his time with his family in a very quiet environment in Arlington Texas.

Ronnie Coleman guest posing at the 2007 Mr. Pittsburgh Bodybuilding Competition.

Ronnie Coleman has been pretty much the top bodybuilder for the last few years, some think that he is even the greatest bodybuilders of all times.

Ronnie has started to give workshops and with his motto "Keep it simple stupid" he shows that what worked for him can also work for you. He has never been part of innovative training, never explored in new territories, still Ronnie knows how to get a great body.

Maybe partially genetic predisposition, but dedication to bodybuilding with a lot of passion is definitely on of the key things to this great career of Ronnie Coleman

Profile and Measurements:

  • Birth date : May 13, 1964
  • Birth place : Monroe, Louisiana
  • Occupation : Reserve Police Officer for the Arlington Police Dept.
  • Height : 5'11"
  • Weight : (Contest) 255lbs, (Off season) 300lbs
  • Arm: 22 inches
  • Current Residence : Arlington, TX
  • 1st Amateur Victory : Mr. Texas 1990
  • Pro Qualifying Event : 1991 World Amateur Championships
  • Career Highlight : Winning the 1998 Mr. Olympia

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